Polypropylene Orthotics

We handcraft polypropylene orthotics for a wide variety of uses and applications.

Aligned Sport


Multipurpose orthotic

  • Flexible, semi-rigid, or rigid device.
  • To meet the needs of the active individual from walking to the athletic orientated.

Sport specific orthotic

  • Sport orthotic designed by you for specific sports such as basketball, aerobics, running, golf, racquet sports, etc.

Aligned Integrated

High Density Polypropylene

  • Flexible, semi-rigid or rigid.
  • This one piece device is designed to be a low bulk orthotic.
  • Has very diverse use from dress to sport.
  • Designed to control foot function.

Aligned Lite

Light Polypropylene

  • Flexible or semiflexible.
  • For general & geriatric use.
  • This alternative to the ALIGNED Multipurpose provides a more flexible polypropylene shell while still maintaining excellent functional control for the geriatric population.