Options for the Orthotics


Rearfoot or Forefoot Extrinsic Posting – can be applied with acrylic or crepe.
An extrinsic rearfoot varus post will produce an orthosis with a rearfoot post that is added to the orthosis plate tilting the plate into an inverted position.

In addition, rearfoot and forefoot posting can be incorporated into the orthotic shell minimizing bulk and at the same time tilting the orthotic plate in the desired position.

  • General purpose orthotic from semiflexible to rigid, with acrylic or crepe/capped RFP.
  • Replaces Rohador acrylic material.
Aligned Wedge
  • Indicated for symptomatic functional Hallux Limitus
  • Enhances motion for 1st MPJ during heel off.
  • Forefoot extension shaped like Dancer’s pad
  • For severely pronated and flaccid feet.
  • Achieve 1º of change in motion for 5º of inversion in the cast. e.g. 25º inverted orthotic would create 5º of rearfoot inversion.
  • Indicated for patients who require significant control of pronation.
  • Contraindicated for heel pain.
  • Order 2 mm for mild control
    • 4 mm for moderate control
    • 6 mm for severe control
    • 8 mm for extreme control