Kids only

ALIGNED FOOT ORTHOTICS offers various orthoses for the pediatric patient. These devices range from heel stabilizers that provide rear foot control to the more aggressive gait plates that help reduce intoeing or outtoeing gait problems. Polypropylene or Polydor.

There are 5 heel stabilizers ranging from mild support to most supportive:


Medial border extends to mid-portion of 1st Ray, lateral border to cuboid, for moderate pronation.


Extends proximal to metatarsal heads, for severe pronation.


Extends to metatarsal head, for flaccid feet.


Outtoeing Gait Plate, to promote intoeing gait.


Intoeing Gait Plate, to promote outtoeing gait.

  • Shaffer – high medial flange; for severe pronation.
  • Roberts Whitman – high medial and lateral flanges; for severe pronation.