These accommodative orthotics can be customized to fit your patients’ needs. These devices are designed for patients with symptoms of diabetic ulcers, rheumatoid arthritis, plantar keratomas, and other painful lesions. They are also lightweight and provide shock absorption for maximum comfort due to restricted range of motion.

Aligned Diabetic

  • Tridensity
  • Designed with Plastazote, Poron, and 1/16" polypropylene to restrict shear force, to accommodate for diabetic ulcers and bony prominences, and to provide shock absorption

Aligned Arthritic

  • Tridensity
  • Designed with an arch fill, Poron, and polypropylene to accommodate for painful keratomas and bony prominences, and to provide shock absorption.
  • Lightweight yet durable to provide flexibility for the arthritic foot.